ITAGE is a platform where you can find all talents and skills required to make a film from script to screen. It’s a combination of a community to connect with other professionals from the film-making industry and a marketplace to push your projects to the public.

Itage offers various tools that enable you to build your network, develop and grow your talents and monetize your skills. Showcase your talents, post your skills for other users on the platform.

No, you don’t have to be a movie celebrity or to have even featured in any movie in the past, but you MUST have passion for film making, you must be talented, you must be willing to work on other users projects on request.

Under Account option in the menu items, click Manage profile. A pop up comes up where you can change your profile as well as your picture.

If you wish to cancel your membership, simply write us a quick email to You will receive a confirmation after all your data has been deleted from our database

We want to try and build a safe community where all users are verified and confirmed to be persons they claim they are. Other users can not view your ID, only admin can and this is EXTREMELY for safety purpose.

As a musician, if you register your profile on ITAGE, film makers are always on the look out for great soundtracks to compliment their stories and your song could just be it, this will not only promote your music but you too as an artist. You can also shoot your music videos choosing from various film making talents on the platform.

Dancers, Make up artistes, Models, Video vixens, drummers, poets and so on can join Itage, register their profiles and look out for opportunities. Even people who have film making equipments for hire can register and connect with clients.

Indicate your interest by clicking on “Become face of Itage” once your payment is confirmed, your profile comes to top of the homepage and you appear on top of searches related to your registered skills

Create Projects and add team members

Under Account you can create a project and add members working with you on the project. There is also a shortcut which you can just click and then create a new project.

You are not logged in Or your profile is on Basic membership. You need to upgrade to Next rated.

It’s not a must to add members and it’s not a must for you to accept team membership invitation. If you add members to a project, all members are in your record and you can contact them whenever you want to send reminders, updates and so on. Please make sure you have agreed with each talent before sending them invitations to add them as team members on your project.

When you have been contacted on a certain project either by email, phone and you have agreed to participate in the project. If you receive an invite for a project that was not discussed with you, please report such profiles to the admin.

Membership and Pricing

When you sign up, your profile is placed on Basic membership category

Just go to My Account and select the type of Membership you want or click here to upgrade to Next Rated.

For all Membership upgrade and subscriptions, you can choose one of two methods;

*safe and secure payments through Paystack using your debit card OR
*make a transfer to our account (IRIS & JASON Concepts Access Bank: 0810581133) and scan payment confirmation to Please include your email address in the email

The choice of payment method doesn’t affect the price or the functionality of ITAGE. Membership, project review and face of Itage payments are paid in advance.

Become the Face of Itage

  • * Put your profile on the spotlight
  • * Get more profile views
  • * Boost your chance to meet the right person crazy for your skill
  • * Get the chance to feature on top of searches


Upgrade Successful!

You have been upgraded to be the face of Itage for one week. Enjoy!